New Drivers

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Driving volunteer transports are very rewarding. The legs are usually 1-2 hour legs. Drivers sign up for open legs when they are able to volunteer. There are specific guidelines we require drivers to follow. Below is an overview of the guidelines. A more detailed version can be found at here, Driver Guidelines. Our New Driver coordinator will follow up with each new driver once the new driver form has been submitted.
General Guidelines:
  • Hand off paperwork first
  • NO Food on Transport
  • Water must be provided every leg
  • Passengers in RED are flight risks and come with special instructions.
  • Drivers MUST provide crate for passengers listed (name)*
  • Passengers listed (name)** have carrier(s) provided
  • Final runsheets with meeting locations and contacts will be sent on Friday’s.
Adult Guidelines:
  • Drivers must provide leashes and slip leads for adult passengers for tethering and transfers.
  • Drivers MUST pick up after passenger’s potty breaks.
  • Drivers must provide crates for passengers as noted. There are times passengers will come in crates. These passengers will be noted as such and crate dimensions will be provided.
Puppy Guidelines:
  • All puppies are NO PAWS ON THE GROUND
  • Drivers MUST provide Nutrical for puppies
  • Gloves (latex) must be worn when handling puppies. A new pair are required for each liter.
  • Water must be provided at every leg


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